Signs you dating commitment phobe

01-Dec-2019 21:55

You’re might just be trying to get a date with them for Friday night, but they hem and haw like you’ve just proposed marriage.

They are pros at dodging when you try to get normal answers about what you’re going to do, whether or not you can go to the movies or anything else. “Spontaneity” can be genuine and fun or it can be a technique to avoid being tied down and keep the other person off balance.

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They don’t rush things even if you are dating for a while already.They keep saying that there is nothing serious about this relationship and that it’s not a relationship at all.Most of the time they keep acting like you are just hanging out and keep pointing that they are not the right person to settle down with.The thing is, however, that it’s not that easy to recognize someone who has a fear of commitment.

But if you feel that you’re falling in love with this person, it’s better to realize that he/she is a commitment phobe before things get too serious.

), so they won’t miss a chance to spend the date like they want.

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