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The entire episode consists of this one plot line and takes place in real time.

Kovač and Sam treat a critically injured woman who was brutally beaten and raped by a serial predator.

Wanting to help police identify the perpetrator, Sam gets the woman's consent for a risky procedure to help the woman speak, but it backfires and leads to her death.

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Elsewhere Lewis is promoted to ER Chief, Abby and Neela begin their internships along with newcomer Ray Barnett, Carter and Lewis compete for tenure, Weaver finally meets her biological mother, Kovac and Sam’s relationship deteriorates and Gallant makes an unexpected return from Iraq.

Pratt finds out that Chen's father's condition is deteriorating.

It is Christmas Eve in the ER, and the hospital is overrun by homeless.

Neela gets a surprise visit but little support from her domineering, old-school parents and fails in her attempt to get a job at County.

Corday angrily confronts Weaver on the hiring of Dr.Tired of his endless fight, the man decides to let himself bleed out rather than be treated and have to face more problems down the line; he ultimately bleeds out, using suction to keep from drowning in his own blood at the same time.