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16-Jul-2020 01:45

They can be seen around Jalan P Ramlee and KLCC area each night. Many students in private colleges, particularly from the East Coast and East Malaysia struggle to pay fees, so need to work to pay for their studies.At the same time there is a heavy demand for student prostitutes around Klang Valley.Student prostitution is not limited to Malaysia, its common in many other places, even in places like Budapest in Hungary.However its probably more rampant in Malaysia due to the limited choices of work opportunities available to students to pay for their education, and the limited number of student loans and scholarships available in Malaysia to poor and needy families.

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The good thing about the Internet is that they can pick and choose who they want.

This and other initiatives to curb the problem have had little impact, with student prostitution now a major underground industry involving both foreign and Malay students.