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Alan Peters told of how Tevendale had shot Garvie in bed and how they had disposed of the body. Brian Tevendale became the landlord of a village pub in Perthshire and died in 2003, and Alan Peters in January 2007. by the neck: Max Garvie pushed his naked, shivering wife through the bedroom door. She stayed with the young man till morning By Reg Mc Kay - Daily uk October 19, 2007 SHE was beautiful and bright. Still only in their late 20s, they seemed to have everything- money, healthy children, a loving relationship - then it all went sour. Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll were all the rage for those who could afford them. First fast cars filled his time, then a private aeroplane. The risks gave him the buzz he craved but that too soon wore off. It could have turned into a bloody shoot out, but Burnett surrendered after half an hour. Such lurid details of affairs aired in open court shocked polite society in Aberdeen. Max had already had a few affairs with young men and was certainly attracted to Tevendale but he had other plans for him.The jury found the case against Alan Peters not proven but both Sheila Garvie and Brian Tevendale were found guilty of murder. It was his other, more intimate tastes that started the rot. Max organised for a triangle of trees and thick bushes to be planted near their home. Farmers did that type of thing to provide shelter against the north-east's strong elements. Tevendale was invited to the Garvies' home frequently.Mrs Garvie was complaining that her husband's sexual demands were "abnormal." In 1967 Sheila Garvie met 22-year-old Brian Tevendale and he started to help around the farm at weekends.Tevendale introduced his sister Trudy Birse to the Garvies and they made up a regular sexual foursome.

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The last time he had been seen was about 10pm on the 14th May at a Scottish Nationalist Party meeting at Stonehaven.

The prosecution claimed Sheila and Brian had coldly plotted the murder.