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Links to Internet sites usually go directly to Juab County, Utah Genealogy entries with names, images, or information.

The term "Bible records" refers to the practice of keeping family dates and events in a family Bible.

It is possible there were records kept by civilian authorities.

Ask town or county officials and local librarians and the State Archives.

Click a church unit name in the chart below for its history, boundaries, and availability of records, which are often in microfilm format Many of your ancestors may be found in court records as defendants, plaintiffs, witnesses, or jurors.

Court records can establish family relationships and places of residence, occupations, and other family history information.

Records may locate relatives, provide death dates, and identify property. Online Probate Records Vital records of birth, marriage, death, and divorce are created by civil (state, county, or city) officials.

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For additional information, see Tracing Latter-day Saint Ancestors and Utah Church Records.See Utah newspapers for tips, resources, and details.