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It is claimed to have been the worst slum in Surrey, which is no longer the case, with each dwelling having been paid much care and attention.The two parts of Godstone are linked by Bullbeggars Lane, a narrow road leading from the south of the village to the church, and the footpath running from the White Hart pub and its barn, along Bay Pond to Church Lane.In the 18th Century, brick became the fashionable material for house building, and Church End and Church House, opposite the church, are two listed architectural examples. The churchyard contains a notable sarsen stone marking the grave of Walker Miles whose work in the early days of the "Ramblers' movement" contributed to the formation of the Ramblers of Great Britain.At the same time, Sir George Gilbert Scott designed St Mary's almshouses next to St Nicholas Church for Mrs Mabel Hunt of Wonham House, in memory of her only daughter who had died at the age of sixteen.Another record, undated, shows the name as Wolinstede, suggesting the same etymology. The name of the village was recorded in 1248 as Godeston, suggesting an etymology of the Old English personal name Goda and tun "farm, village", here in the sense "village" rather than "estate" considering the village size. Earlier records have the name listed as Cudeston (1153) and Codstune (1173) suggesting "farmstead of a man called Cōd" (pronounced as "code", not "cod"), as with the Cotswolds, meaning "high-forest land of a man called Cōd".

It is built along a stretch of the London to Brighton Way Roman road, which comes through the high Caterham Gap and continues southward along Tilburstow Hill Road.There is a pub opposite the railway station – originally named 'The Railway,' it has been renamed 'The Lagham' – serving Indian and Nepalese food.The Fox & Hounds on Tilburstow Hill is also a short walk away.Built in a Victorian Tudor/gothic style, they include eight self-contained houses, a wardens house and a beautiful little chapel, dedicated to St Mary.

The flèch-capped chapel and the gables compose a very pretty hamlet.

In its far south, it has a railway station, with its own small community South Godstone separated by agricultural land.