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I want the world to see what Jesus’s love looks like. If two people sit closely it can lead to something sexual and believe it or not if that happens, you likely will find it hard to get close. Love with the Holy Spirit and the spirit of the one next to you will be loved beautifully. If you’re reading this and you feel alone, afraid, unloved, unworthy, I want you to take your arms and open them wide as you inhale. Receive love in the spirit and you give love in the spirit. It brings me joy to think I can help someone free themselves of self condemnation and see the love of Jesus. Then God started showing me miracles and I started recognizing all the small ones that I might’ve missed otherwise. To really focus on His message and how that is achieved. I mean, I always knew He was helping me out, but sometimes I really questioned it. It’s written over and over, but then it says fear not. Well, had there been google in those days, maybe I could’ve quickly looked up all meanings of the word and translations and circumstance, but alas there wasn’t. But the one thing I could never understand was why my Father was so loving and so kind but so willing to throw away so many people. There had to be a better explanation because I was a little girl and I already thought I was doomed. I knew they were wrong, but they were there, starting at a very early age. Years later, as I grew close to my Confirmation, I knew something just wasn’t right. I’m not proud of that person but the reality is, MANY women are like this. I fell into a very deep depression that I fought for a very long time. Something felt very off, but I committed to this marriage and we had to be able to work through it. Not to mention God doesn’t like divorce, so what will that do to my eternity? I’d sit nights alone visualizing my future and it was either always me disappointing my husband because I wouldn’t move back to Jersey, or me being alone for the rest of my life while we remained married but lived apart, or him moving to LA and blaming me for his unhappiness. Every time I’d try to be ok with it, I’d remember the hate and the drama and the stress that I no longer had to face daily, and knew I couldn’t go back to it. I would cry for hours realizing the predicament because I made a commitment to God when I got married. This is where the road got dark, but had light that I could find. The valet guy suggested I leave my number in case they turn up. I left the restaurant and then drove over to where we had parked earlier around the corner. I wrote to Him, (when I could write) I spoke to Him everyday. I suppose the part I tried to hide the most was the sexual dreams and thoughts that I constantly had. My life eventually turned into something I didn’t recognize. It ate me up and sometimes all I wanted to do was die. After careful thought, I realized I had to just hope God would forgive me and I asked for a divorce. During that year I grew stronger in my faith and started getting a glimpse of what a relationship with God looked like. When I finally gained the strength that God was going to love me and not abandon me and needed me to be authentic, which I couldn’t do in this relationship, I asked for a divorce again. I was hurt by the church, whether the church meant to or not. As I became more free in my distance from religion, I became more “worldly” as they say. I wanted that..I wasn’t sure that it was achievable. I knew I didn’t feel compelled to go back to Catholic, but I really felt terrified going somewhere else. In fact I think sometimes I forgot to let myself be hurt. In the midst of all of this, I moved to a new church. At first I was scared I would be told I couldn’t be a human anymore and I’d have to give up all fun in my life. They kept preaching love and just doing a killer job of explaining the Bible. I have no clue where they are and I can’t get home to LA without my car key.

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The more I challenged, the more the Holy Spirit revealed.

I remember being so grateful because I couldn’t just chalk it up to coincidence again. The crazy part is every message felt like God was personally picking me out to talk to me. The deal I made with myself is: I’d keep going as long as I felt like I was benefitting. I remember being so confused because I was learning so much but my friends weren’t as into it or not believers at all. I had to learn how to be there for people in ways I had stopped doing for a long time. I FINALLY HAVE YOU TO MYSELFAround the time that the revelation of wanting more in my life came, I heard about this conference. “A prophet can’t be real because all the ones I ever heard on the news were liars.” Yet, deep down I wanted to go. If this guy wasn’t for real, would God be mad that I went? The irony is I trusted psychics were real more than a prophet being real. I didn’t want my desire for him to be real be what made him real. Right when I got to the door, I prayed that God would show me if this prophet was real. “I’m the last person you want as a leader at a church.” He disagreed. I thought about pulling over, hiding in a parking lot or under a bridge until the storm subsided, but something inside said just keep going. I mentioned before that I was terrified with money. I sadly allowed someone to manage my money for many years and then instead of growing and learning how to manage it myself when my income was less, I feared it and hid my head in the sand. There’s been many more, but my next favorite was my car key story.