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01-Aug-2020 19:53

This won’t apply to every kind of page that’s driving traffic — if you’re not adept at link prospecting and outreach and/or the page wasn’t really built for this purpose (but is ranking anyway), you may be spinning your wheels trying to promote it (i.e.

you can’t just take any kind of content and sprinkle link dust over it).

This is a great example of an area that could help, but where you want to be careful.

Making your title tag “more clickable” and/or incorporating some key modifiers in the title tag can be hugely helpful in driving more traffic (ranking better for specific terms and getting more clicks in the search results you’re already showing in), but you want to be sure not to undermine your current rankings and CTR.

Here are the 14 reasons you should update your old content, and how it will increase your search engine traffic. brings up these results: You’ll notice that the oldest of them has a date of July 28, 2016, while the newest was published in March of 2017.

The truth is that for a lot of topics, including SEO, times change quickly.

You can look in Google Search Console to see which terms are currently driving impressions for a specific page before making any tweaks to the title tag.

Then you can consider different approaches for testing and boosting your organic CTR and/or working in more modifiers to your page titles.

Again, this type of effort isn’t “for everyone” — if your upside on updating a post is a couple hundred uniques a month, you won’t want to (or likely need to) invest in an expensive creative piece and extensive outreach efforts.Once you’ve updated the post, try re-sharing it via social media.