Seeing each other versus dating

31-Oct-2019 14:56

First, living apart may be one way to enhance the novelty or excitement in a relationship.In the beginning, couples tend to engage in lots of novel and exciting activities together—what researchers call self-expanding activities.But then, once this information is exchanged, you don't immediately hang up.You find you have lots of things to say to each other, and before you know it, half an hour has gone by.

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If so, living apart may be one way—a gentler way—to reap some of these same benefits.Long-distance couples idealize their partners more—they see their partners in unrealistically positive terms, which is, generally, a good thing.They also spend more time reminiscing or daydreaming about their relationships, and report feeling more romantic love for their partners.S., Britain, Why would any long-term, committed couple choose to live apart rather than together?

Despite the fact that living with a romantic partner can be an amazing experience (I have a live-in boyfriend and can confirm that it is awesome), research suggests that there may be some meaningful benefits to living separately.They dress up for dates, they explore new parts of the city, they try each other’s hobbies, and they have engaging discussions with each other.