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16-Jul-2020 16:25

(In which Kakashi and Iruka have taken in Sasuke and Naruto respectively, and Mizuki really is an asshole.Please just read it, I swear it's awesome) Lee's dream is finally coming true: he's landed the job he's always wanted and is packing his bags to move to Los Angeles for the next six or so months. But when he winds up sharing his row with a handsome stranger, his flight goes from boring to emotionally compromising.Ever wonder if the stories one's parents tell their children is true? that is until he was thrown overboard and washed up on a strange beach with strange creatures.What will happen when he's captive in a prince's coils?

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Well it gave me some laughs so I cant be too hard on it but why isn't there any sound??The art isn't really my thing but for this game I think it fits.