Russian scammers on dating sites No singing sex cams

05-Dec-2019 18:06

The activity of this criminal organization is enormous, they place hundreds of profiles out there every day.The photos of girls on the phony Russian profiles come from different sources.The girls on the pictures are NOT scammers and have no idea how their pics are being used.Sometimes scammers might pay some local girl a minimal fee to sit and pose for pictures and to pick up money at the Western Union. The gang may also have accomplices in certain Western Union locations.They have their own "specialization" though: translations scams.If Mari El mostly scam for visa and ticket, Lugansk scams for translation services.The vast majority of scammers are in Mari El and Lugansk. Just like Mari El is the scam center of Russia, Lugansk is the scam center of Ukraine. No matter what the profile says: Donetsk, Kharkov, Kiev, whatever, this is all Lugansk gang.

Those are real girls, who invite you to visit them and start "milking": shopping, restaurants, gifts, etc... But this is happening in any country and in any culture, Philippines for example.Most people know what it's all about: the scammers establish some lovely correspondence with you, fall in love with you after just a couple of letters and then start asking for money, for different purposes: for visa and ticket to come meet you, for English classes, for cell phone, for Internet connection, for sick Mom, whatever. Or, she will ask you for more money and then will be gone. We are not going to cover agencies here, we don't work with Russian marriage agencies and have no idea who is scam and who is not.