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Keeping the 60 running smoothly in some of the city’s main Latino communities–communities that line city coffers with some of the most lucrative sales-tax receipts in Chicagoland and have been learning to exercise potent political power in recent years–would certainly be a strategic move for the CTA, and pretty low hanging fruit on the tree of potential transit initiatives.

Earlier this month, a poorly worded CTA press release announcing the elimination of almost nonexistent Blue Line ‘L’ service along the still-happily rolling Pink Line route ended up misreported on the front page of Latino newspapers as the end of all Cermak branch rail service, so to my mind the CTA still has a ways to go to bring La Villita back into the happy CTA family of riders.

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I asked Huberman whether he could look into the performance of the 60, given the CTA’s past history of rancor with the Latino communities along the route under his predecessor, Frank Kruesi.

It’s nice to have a committee full of community leaders, but it means nothing if those leaders drive to work everyday.

I asked Huberman to consider Kevin O’Neil and Tony Coppoletta for membership on the advisory board.

When Aaron Carter was a teen, Bruce Willis gave him a million worth of gifts and a car.

He also brought Zac Efron along with him in Turks and Caicos island.

As a result, bus operators citywide have now begun to compete with each other to outdo their on-time results, a game of one-upsmanship that can only benefit riders.