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In 1934, from Hollywood Dorothy Layton headed back to Baltimore.

Within a month of her arriving there she married businessman Howard Taylor, who operated a large mattress company.

Volunteer work gave me a sense of belonging whilst Hollywood was false and phony and really made no sense at all." Of the 15 WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1932 only one survives today, Mary Carlisle.

Those that have died are Gloria Stuart 100 years, Dorothy Layton 96years, Ruth Hall 92 years, Eleanor Holm 90, Dorothy Wilson 88, Ginger Rogers 83, Toshia Mori 83, Lilian Bond 83, June Clyde 77, Lona Andre 77, Evalyn Knapp 73, Marion Shockley 70, Patricia Ellis 53 and Boots Mallory 45.

Dorothy Layton Dorothy Layton, the Hollywood movie actress worked during the arrival of the sound era with some of the greatest comedians of the day including Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chase."Laurel was the brains behind the genius of Laurel and Hardy," she said in December 2003.

"I heard rumors of fights between them but never witnessed anything to suggest their relationship was anything but professional.

In the spring of 1933, Dorothy Layton split from Roger Marchetti.

Despite that fact they had been courting for two years he never once proposed marriage, buying her lavish jewelery but no engagement ring.

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Dorothy Layton made Baltimore her second home by visiting friends and family there.She adopted her maternal great-grandmother's maiden name, and as Dorothy Layton landed featured parts in big studio pictures mostly films made at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Fox, "I even had my very own flesh peddler," recalled Dorothy referring to her agent B. He booked either the famous Westmore Brothers or Max Factor to quaff her hair and apply her make-up.From 1922 through 1934, the Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers (WAMPAS) selected 13 girls to be WAMPAS Baby starlets.Dorothy was joined by her mother in 1930 and moved to a small house in West Hollywood.

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By now Dorothy was dating Roger Marchetti; famed attorney for Howard Hughes and Bing Crosby, Dorothy dined at Hollywood 's premier restaurants.She appeared in the 1932 line-up with Ginger Rogers, Mary Carlisle, Eleanor Holm, Gloria Stuart and Toshi Mori.