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13-Oct-2020 00:31

The long hours at school helped prepare me for my long hours in the computer games industry.And the real talk of the visiting people that were actually working in the industry gave me clear expectations in terms of salary and advancement.It was a rough road and called for a lot of sudden swerves and changes.What was it like working as an animator on all of those in nine months!As far as I knew, it was all proprietary software developed in secret with lots of bugs and obscene rendering times behind locked doors somewhere down in Silicon Valley.But my Mom worked at a bank at the time and she’d just opened a mortgage for a computer animator. He made a flat, two-dimensional plane, applied some noise to the vertices, and — Pow! Then he drew a spline through some of the peaks, created a camera, and used a “follow path” constraint to make the camera follow the spline.My Dad grew up in Glasgow, and I had a friend in Edinburgh that I could move in with.I felt a little smothered by Vancouver at the time, and I wanted to visit my roots and see a bit of the world.

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In honor of Digi Pen’s 30th anniversary, we reached out to a number of legacy alumni who did just that – inviting them to revisit their Digi Pen days and the exciting, industry-changing careers that followed.

Did that experience change once you transferred from Rockstar North back to Vancouver? When I started there, we were in a somewhat run-down brick building at the bottom of Leith. I feel like I was part of a very privileged window of their rise to being the dominant powerhouse they’ve become.