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16-Dec-2019 22:15

He prides himself on being “an incredibly hip individual, but not a hipster.”It is true, Gus is indeed hip, it’s just that he’s more like tragically hip, as I look down the bar to find six other guys exactly like him.

Most people would find this to be a turnoff, but that’s what I like about Gus. With most people, nowadays, you can never be sure what’s lurking beneath the surface or which version of them you’re going to get.

He’s fully capable of listening to other people’s opinions…but only after he’s fallen deep into his third artisanal drink of the night.

The ambiance at the 9th Ave Salon this evening is the usual mix of good cheer and Friday night frivolity as the energy effortlessly volleys back and forth from light-hearted fun to slightly sleazy.

Particularly my dad.'She added: 'I wish that he could be here to be getting excited and welcome [Chandler] into the family, and I think that's really challenging [for me].

So sweet: Bindi gave away further details of the upcoming wedding, revealing she would have the 'father and daughter' dance with her mother, Terri Irwin, 55 (left).

He'd approve: Bindi says her brother, 'always stepped up'.

And now Bindi Irwin has revealed how she will include her late father, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, in the upcoming wedding ceremony.

Bindi revealed: 'Chandler and Robert worked together to capture the moment I said 'YES'.

We were in the gardens of Australia Zoo and it was beyond perfect.

At least with Gus, I can count on him being true to form whenever we see each other, which isn’t that often since a little bit of Gus goes a long way.

Although there’s no denying the fact that Gus is his biggest fan, he isn’t totally self-absorbed.

If I had to choose one thing I like best about Gus, it’s that he’s one of those people who are unintentionally funny.