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By 2009, the pair’s supposable love affair fizzled out and two seemed to have gone back to their own paths.[Read More: Since Riya was a popular model and an actress, she was a common face at high profile parties and star-studded events.It is sometime around the year 2010 that she bumped into Indian cricket’s very own Casanova, Yuvraj Singh, at one such party.In spite of having quite an impressive lineage, Riya Sen is more acquainted to the masses for her infamous off-screen episodes than her on-screen persona.If you didn’t get that one you have been living under a rock for quite some time but don’t worry we have the story of her notorious love affairs laid out here for you.Sreesanth was a cricketer who was notorious for his erratic behaviour on-field and for his flirtatious ways in the outside world.Such was his influence on the damsel that she was spotted in the VIP audience box of almost every IPL match Sreesanth played in the year 2011.After a brief fling with Yuvraj Singh, Riya seemed to have developed a soft corner in her heart for cricketers.It was a year since she had ended her eye-blink relationship with Yuvraj and now was being linked with the bad boy of Indian cricket, S. While not much is known about their first meeting, they could have met up at one of the splashy parties just like how she had met Yuvraj.

In spite of that, John was really very keen on settling down with Riya but her film career just took off and she was swift in rejecting his proposal and they both parted ways very soon, soundling ending any and all hopes of a John Abraham Riya Sen marriage..[Read More: Riya was on track with her career in Bollywood despite most of her movies being either a flop or a mediocre success at the box office.As expected, the Riya-Ashmit affair is now history since both parted ways soon after; strike two one the Riya Sen marriage front.[Read More: Riya seemed to have then taken a break from her flings and was concentrating on her work from 2005 to 2008.