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03-Jul-2020 11:02

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The Legislative Director requested we touch basis in the coming weeks by phone and to follow up in mid-October to schedule a meeting in November while we are in D. We once again reminded the Director that we are always available to help provide any information they may need to move forward in helping to build and polish this law.

We asked if letters from victims (identity theft and scammed) would be beneficial as a show of support for the change in law.

So, how much money is going to Facebook from advertisers because they (the advertisers) are led to believe Facebook’s number of active accounts are accurate and authentic?

I’m sure the advertisers are aware of the bot account’s and manually built accounts ran by scammers, but do they REALLY have an idea how many are fake and how many will never be a customer of theirs. We make people see what is going on within the platforms. You will find examples of how the platforms are used as a “business office” for the scammers, just as the “johns/trafficker” did with human trafficking online (which has significantly ceased due to the Human Trafficking amendment to the 230 Communication Decency Act (FOSTA) signed on April 11, 2018.

We recently sent the office a list of numerous Yahoo Boys accounts (in preparation for this meeting) that are currently open to the public.

Even though the Congressman is aware of these types of accounts, we wanted to show that the scammers “business” continues full force within the platforms with zero attempt to hide their name.

Guaranteed it’s far more than what is generously provided to them. We will continue to fight for change just as those with FOSTA, showing that scammers are causing harm to the scammed and identity theft victims.

Posting victim banking information, victim personal information such as name, address, telephone numbers (to be used as money mules), selling fake government identification (divers license, military identification cards, government identification card), selling of personal photos and scripts to scam etc... Platforms are fully aware what occupies their sites, which makes them an accessory to these crimes, something you and I would be responsible for.

The research that is required to be done in order to present to congress needs to be precise.

The attached photos are of the account found and reported on July 7th, the reporting confirmation email I received, confirmation of the report to Bryan and the answer Bryan received back from Facebook. That is YOUR right as an account holder, and it is our responsibility to inform you as an advocate to this ongoing crusade for platform safety.

We need to amend the 230 Communication Decency Act since this proves again...regulation does not work!

If you would like to tell your story or support on behalf of the change to make platforms safe, please send your letter to: [email protected]

On July 7th, 2019 we presented another example of reporting as “pretending to be someone” to the Facebook team we “work” with.We have collected victim letters in the past which were presented at previous congressional meetings, along with anti-scam group letters.