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The only that I can think up at the moment is "ows thi ben since i sor thi" (which came from a friend from Yorkshire that I no longer have contact with). Little fly upon the wall aint you got no clothes at all, no shirt no shimmy anrt you cold, course im flamin cold. Our Mary went to church one Sunday morn, alt folk did gawp n stare, nt preacher said," Mary this is a house of God, not a flower show ", ar Mary stood up, fit to swallow church n allt folk in and said,” fatha, thy heads bald, nowt in it, nowt on it, wouldst tha like a feather owta a my bonnet.”My Nan used to have two sayings which made me laugh as I couldn't make head nor tale of them at the time.

Also "theres a fairy at the bottom of my garden and her name is nuff - Fairynuff" dont know if they are yorkshire sayings but he lived all his life in Doncaster"Khalied" - drunk"Dishclart" - dishcloth Also, couple of sayings I rememebr being popular in my Mum's generation:"It's a bit black over our Bill's mother's" (meaning, it's looking like rain)"Two runs round the table and a sniff at the watter tap" (Said in response to the question "what's for dinner? I'm gannin yam t' tell me mam that all the pigs are dead but yan.

I had a weekend job in a newsagents when I was a teenager. We've all done it..continue to do it with alarming regularity...

I've coughed through plenty of travel bulletins and mis-pronounced loads of words so they've come out filthy. Favourite holiday destination: I can't cope with lying on a beach doing nothing for anything more than a day or two, so give me some warmth, but not too much, some culture and lots of things to see and do.

Weekdays 10.00am - 2.00pm Saturdays 6.00am - 8.00am Starsign? The boss looked a bit like Elvis during the Vegas years... Dad bought Queen's Greatest Hits to play on it and we marvelled at the "shuffle" option... (Ok, walking through the background out of focus) I'd be making TV shows, if that first radio boss hadn't let me have a go at chatting between pop songs. Not a lot really winds me up to be honest, but that won't do as answer, will it? There's plenty of great movies made all the time, but I rarely go back and watch anything for a second time so no... Favourite TV show as a child: It's probably Postman Pat or something like that... Favourite food: I like Indian and Italian food, but I'll eat anything really, and I've definitely got a sweet tooth, so whatever we're having, we're definitely having pudding afterwards. I have got more scarves than one man can sensibly make use of.

I got just over £2 an hour when I started, but I could eat all the stock I wanted. It would have been 7" vinyl or maybe even a cassette. I do remember the first CD player arriving in the Griffin household in the early 90s. Schoolfriends and some old teachers still call me that... Asking Peter Andre "What were the two things that first attracted you to Jordan...? What career would you have chosen if you weren't working in Radio? Don't you recognise me from my two appearances in Emmerdale? "24" was so addictive it pretty much invented box-set binge-watching. Noel Edmonds opening a couple of dozen shoeboxes is surprisingly gripping. I like loads of different stuff - things we play on Yorkshire Coast Radio and things you don't hear anywhere on the radio.

When i was a child if I was trying clothes on which were too big she would say "that'll not do it will fit Todmordern Jack", who ever he might be? Thank you, thank you Petuniamint - I say 'thoil' and my husband (also from Yorkshire) says I've made the word up!

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Real Radio Wales has now been split into two separate stations following the changes, by providing localised programming from Cardiff and Wrexham respectively.Initially serving south and west Wales, the station expanded to north and mid Wales in January 2011, over two years after winning a second licence.A bid to expand the service to Aberdeenshire in 2006 proved unsuccessful, losing out to Original 106.Real Radio was a network of five regional radio stations broadcasting to Northern England, Scotland, Wales and Yorkshire.

Each station broadcast a mix of local and networked programming.

I'd like to include a Yorkshire phrase or sentence, something kind of hard to translate for someone that doesn't really speak it. When I was a kid my Grandpa used to put me on his shoulders and say a rhyme. Hast tha seen our Marys Bonnet, its a stunner and no mystak, yella ribbons yella roses n a great big feather hung downt back.