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It applies only to the use of equipment for radioscopic examination in which the image is finally presented on a television monitor for operator evaluation. It does not apply to fully automated systems where evaluation is automatically performed by computer.Unless otherwise specified by the applicable job order or contract, radioscopic examination shall be performed in accordance with a written procedure which includes: material and thickness range to be examined; equipment to be used, including specifications of source parameters and imaging equipment parameters; examination geometry, including source-to-object distance, object-to-detector-distance and orientation; image quality indicator designation and placement; test-object scan plan, indicating the range of motions and manipulation speeds through which the test object shall be manipulated in order to ensure satisfactory results; image-processing parameters; image-display parameters; and image storage.

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This practice also facilitates the examination of a weld from several directions, such as perpendicular to the weld surface and along both weld bevel angles.

This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard.