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24-Feb-2020 18:41

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No, I wouldn’t, but I might say that it’s sexist to use women as props to defend bigoted beliefs.

This might be the most infuriating argument and the one with the least intellectual depth. See, here’s the thing about your sexuality: it wasn’t taught to you.

Let’s be clear: your only “preference” is to perpetuate racism without criticism.

Now, now, before you get your Andrew Christians in a bunch, I’m willing to admit that it’s not entirely your fault — you’ve been had.

The separation of races as “preference” was also a popular argument against the desegregation of schools and communities during Jim Crow.

White people argued that it was of the natural order for blacks to be with blacks and whites to be with whites.

Men of every race can be short, hairy, or have green eyes.

Only black people can be discriminated against for being black people.

We don’t give those people the same benefit of the doubt to hold on to those “preferences” without being under some level of scrutiny, and your racist sexual “preferences” are no different.

But alas, we only have time for one cup of tea today.

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States started to produce laws against "mixing" in the 1660s: Virginia made interracial "fornication" harshly punishable in 1662, and in 1664, Maryland passed the first law outlawing blacks and whites from intermarrying, specifically addressing white women who "forgetful of their free condition and to the disgrace of our Nation do intermarry with Negro slaves." The law outlined that white women who married black men had to become slaves themselves, as would any children born in the marriage.… continue reading »

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