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Seventy-three when he passed, Angélil was 26 years older than Dion, who is now 47.

They officially started dating when Dion was just 19 years old, although he later admitted their romantic relationship had actually started about a year prior.

René Angélil, music producer and the husband of iconic singer Céline Dion, has died after a long battle with cancer.

Here are some things you may not have known about their relationship.

When Dion landed her huge contract for an as-good-as-permanent gig in Las Vegas and traveling became too much due to Angélil’s health, the pair put their homes in Montreal and Jupiter, Florida, on the market and settled into a small palace in Lake Las Vegas.

(“The Voice of the Good God”), Angélil took a second mortgage out on his home.

All their effort finally resulted in two pregnancies and three healthy babies, René-Charles and twins Nelson and Eddie.

The couple’s extravagant 1994 ceremony at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica was televised and featured the bride in a seven-pound crystal-encrusted headdress, a ,000 dress with a 20-foot train and fur coat, and a press conference with the happy couple immediately following the ceremony, at a cost of 0,000 — which would be approximately 5,000 today.

but is often the final act in a pattern of abuse that has escalated over time.Every year in Rhode Island, children are present for nearly 2,000 police-involved domestic violence incidents.In 2018, 575 children who witnessed abuse received services from our network of member agencies, and because domestic violence is underreported, we know that we are reaching only a fraction of the children who are being impacted.The risk paid off: The album, released in 1981 when Dion was just 12, sold 100,000 copies and launched an incredible career.

Dion herself is worth approximately 0 million, while Angélil has an individual worth of around 0 million.

In such a small state, we are all affected by Rachael’s death.

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