Quirkyalone dating

09-Apr-2020 17:14

People who are "single at heart" may or may not have the occasional romantic relationship, but they do not aspire to live as a couple (married or otherwise) for the long term.

They really are happily and securely single, not just until the perfect person comes along, but for the foreseeable future. For people who are not "single at heart," the concept is baffling.

They don't really challenge the cultural ideology that extols coupling above all else.

Quirkyalones have especially high standards for coupling, they value friends and not just romantic partners, and they are not at all insecure with their single status, but ultimately, they want what everyone else believes they should want - The One, that perfect match, the love songs, the romantic miracle.

For example: "Do you treat life as one big choose-your-own adventure; there is no single road map for adulthood?

" And, "Do you recognize the ways in which society prescribes happiness primarily through romantic love, and understand the failings of such an approach?

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For the quirkyalone, there is no patience for dating just for the sake of not being alone.

The concept said: We are people who are happily single, with friends and passions and full lives, we'd love to be coupled with the perfect person - made all the difference.

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