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17-Dec-2019 07:47

Beat the game in Legendary difficulty and you get an additional funny cutscene at the end.

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It is a real time strategy, action, adventure military fighting and shooting game.All the playable weapons and vehicles from the campaign mode are available in the multiplayer maps with the ability for members of the same team to share the game's distinctive Warthog vehicle, which is essentially a small truck with a mounted gun on the back.The Xbox version of Halo: Combat Evolved appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.Halo also has a significant multiplayer component with basic deathmatch (called slayer here), capture the flag with the unusual addition that the flag takes your weapon spot while you are holding it, so shooting your way in and out of the base on your own is not an option, territories, and some options unique to the game, such as oddball, where you must hold onto a skull for the longest time, race where you score points by getting to checkpoints and juggernaut, where one super-powered player must get points by killing the others and the other players try to kill him to steal his powers.

There is also a game editor which allows you to set custom rules for all the basic game types.Consequently, By using this money players can upgrade their weapons, vehicles and other war field objects.