Problem updating windows vista service pack 2

14-Mar-2020 09:54

problem updating windows vista service pack 2-60

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It is therefore possible that error 0x80190194 is not directly related to the problem.Microsoft Support advised me that the problem is being worked on and that a KB article will be released in due course. In either case, once Service Pack 1 is installed, Windows Update will offer some additional updates and then Service Pack 2. Note: Microsoft provides free phone support for problems installing service packs.After rebooting, it immediately informed me that another 2 updates were available totaling another 5.6 MB which I'm now trying to download but so far it's 0% before. EDIT: The additional updates downloaded and installed within 15 minutes. Marilyn has helped me before with Windows Automatic Download problems...well, I'm back, Marilyn :( Vista Service Pack 2 (KB948465) did not install yesterday morning via my Windows Automatic Download.These improvements are in the management of network adapters Wi-Fi, restoring from sleep and hibernation states and the search for system files.And as usual, Windows Vista Service Pack 2 brings all the updates to Windows Vista since its release.I've let my Vista Home Premium x32 run for 36 hours on Windows Update and zero/zip/nada. Worse, Windows Update drives svchost memory use up to 650,00-729,000 !Worse, Windows Update drives svchost memory use up to 650,00-729,000 ! I've tried the MS "fixit" both normal and aggressive modes - no joy. see: »[WIN7] MS updates taking too long While I can't and don't know if the root cause is the same or not, I think it is not unreasonable to assume that the issue has the same root cause, and the same or comparable KBs can fix the issue.

However, this error does not occur if you are using a WSUS server, but the client still won't self-update.However, shortly after the installation starts the wizard disappears.Windows Update says that the update was installed successfully.I think Microsoft has deliberately worsened the priorities for updating Vista. It seems that Microsoft has cut back on support of Vista. But when the virus tables are 6 days old, it updates quickly.

Win 7 updates are also slower than they should be, but not as slow as Vista. I haven't tried doing anything with Sept updates yet. I had mine "automatic" (no joy), then "check but let me decide to download and install"; then back to "automatic". I've let my Vista Home Premium x32 run for 36 hours on Windows Update and zero/zip/nada.

The underlying problem is that the Windows Update self-update mechanism is not working.

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