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30-Nov-2019 21:17

It can be tough to support a person’s decision to return to or stay with their abusive partner, but try to avoid telling your friend what they should do.

In abusive relationships, an abusive partner is constantly taking away the other partner’s right to make their own choices and have their own thoughts or feelings.

It can be so difficult to watch someone you care about deal with an abusive relationship.

Even more difficult is watching that person leave and return to their partner, time and time again.

Many survivors feel overwhelmed by the idea of leaving for good or taking drastic measures (like calling the police), so try to help them identify small steps they can take to feel safer and more empowered and/or move toward leaving the relationship, if that is something they want to do.

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You can also listen to survivors’ perspectives by viewing our webinar.

This can be a really difficult conversation to have, but you can start it by simply saying, “I’ve noticed that your partner says mean things to you/doesn’t let you go out as much/puts you down in front of other people/etc., and I’m concerned about that. ” Your friend may not want to talk, or they might even defend their partner.

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