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12-Oct-2020 18:06

They don't actually do anything yet, so I will talk about them later.

I also managed to get most of the standard event logic done, events being what happens when you land on a certain field of the board.

Those Mayu X1 Animation Test be short dialogues or stories that pop up and can occasionally include one or more multiple choice questions.

I also want to add a few really tiny mini-games like a wheel of fortune and maybe something that needs a little bit of dexterity or logical thinking as possible events to get a little more variety.

At this point, events work fine but are just plain text on a solid color background, so there's not much to see, but for those of you who are interested anyway: Okay, I could have been a little more creative on this event's text and choices, but let's keep that for later, also ; P Needless to say that nothing remotely resembling design has been applied yet. Looks interesting so far, the art looks nice at least.

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We still need to earn money otherwise, but it already really helps a lot Therefore, I managed to make some good progress: Again, please don't get Mayu X1 Animation Test yet, these will get a proper and comprehensible design later on. It will take a while, so we wouldn't have had a raffle anytime soon anyways.