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25-Feb-2020 22:50

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In other words, polyandry, and polyamory in general, entail a lot more possibilities than the one-wife-with-5-husbands-under-one-roof scenario envisioned by most posters in this thread.Polygamy is the general term for having more than one spouse.And no, we don’t get to have the ‘Draupadi arrangement’ any more, where she is the exclusive wife of one guy for one year and is out of bounds for the other brothers during that time.Even at that time, she had to take care of the needs of only one man at a time.This would mean that she would essentially have to cohabit in the same house as all her husbands. But since we’re talking of multiple men with one woman, we’ll stick to just that. And we all know that when it comes to relationships, people tend to get jealous. Don’t we all know how jealous boys get when another guy tries to hit on their love interest? So imagine the situation where a guy is actually sharing his wife with another bloke. She’d spend the major part of her life calming the bulls at home, playing referee, and constantly trying to convince them that she is NOT taking any more husbands. It is a term not just used socially but also in academic fields like anthropology, sociology and zoology (when it comes to mated bonds between animals).Polygamy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Polygyny is one type of polygamy with one man to many wives.

As the age-old saying goes…Men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears Which is why women wear make-up , and men tell lies! :-o Talk of the brain getting into a knot worse than that made by your earphones! Imagine dancing to the tunes of not one but two or more different men every single day!He would be on a veritable mission to prove that he is the better husband. And guys pitting against guys in the name of a woman’s favor has always ended up in ugly situations. 100% free Polyamorous dating, Polyamory dating, and open relationship dating and social networking community.For example, I've never met any poly people who are dating the number of people used as examples for spouses in this thread (overall 5, 6, people etc.) I know it exists but I think it's unfair to jump to the idea of that many people in one relationship at first since most polyamorous situations do involve a lower number of people (usually 3, at most 4).

I should also note there are different kinds of polyandry, and other types of polyamory.

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