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30-Oct-2019 22:47

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The volume break down for 2016 is set at 52.5bn litres of conventional ethanol and 6bn litres of Advanced biofuels (such as cane ethanol & cellulosic ethanol) and 6.8bl litres of biodiesel. Mandate to move to 10% by 2020 (with a 6% cap for conventional biofuels) In September 2014, the European Parliament voted to cap first generation ethanol consumption at 6% of fuel demand by 2020 rather than the 10% originally mandated by the Renewable Energy Directive.United States policy in regard to biofuels, such as ethanol fuel and biodiesel, began in the early 1990s as the government began looking more intensely at biofuels as a way to reduce dependence on foreign oil and increase the nation's overall sustainability. S oil consumption comes from domestic supplies, and with current trends in production, U. oil reserves are expected to be depleted in about 10 years.

Currently there is no large-scale recharging network for plug in vehicles.Canada’s renewable fuels industry domestically produces almost 1.8 billion litres of ethanol and more than 400 million litres of biodiesel annually.