Pictures of couples dating

02-Feb-2020 01:27

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It wouldn’t be Master’s weekend without hearing the name Fred Couples.

Somehow, despite not being a regular on the PGA Tour, Fred always seems to pull a good round out of nowhere in Augusta.

Like clockwork Fred is sitting on top of the leaderboard after two rounds in 2012.

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It’s tough to tell if these two are still together, but it’s the most recent relationship Freddie took public.Midge Trammell is the most recent woman attached to Freddie Couples arm.Midge is a stylist in central Texas area for more than a decade now.Plus, your money is no good here because a standard membership is absolutely free and allows you to download, sign up, search, and flirt.

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The couple married in 1981 and slowly Fred’s golf career took off.

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