Physical immortality dating

06-Nov-2019 00:18

By definition, all causes of death must be overcome or avoided for physical immortality to be achieved.

There are three main causes of death: aging, disease and trauma.

Eliminating aging would require finding a solution to each of these causes, a program de Grey calls engineered negligible senescence.Breakthroughs in cell biology and telomere research are leading to treatments for cancer.Vaccines are being researched for AIDS and tuberculosis.In the early 21st century, physical immortality remains a goal rather than a current reality.

Active pursuit of physical immortality can either be based on scientific trends, such as cryonics, breakthroughs in rejuvenation or predictions of an impending technological singularity, or because of a spiritual belief, such as those held by Rastafarians or Rebirthers.Wittgenstein, in a notably non-theological interpretation of eternal life, writes in the Physical immortality is a state of life that allows a person to avoid death and maintain conscious thought.