Patience dating relationships

15-Jun-2020 03:09

You have to learn more about their character, both the good and the bad, the nice and the not-so-nice. Nobody’s perfect, and your partner is no exception.By knowing them in and out, you are able to understand their strengths and flaws and become more naturally patient when dealing with them. Of course they have flaws, and these are things you need to accept with a whole heart.Learn to realize that they have limitations and you cannot push them to go beyond these. Patience, like love, is a two-way street, so aside from you understanding your partner, they should get to know you and understand you too.At the same time, take a look at their areas of opportunity, as these can be turned into strengths later on. How else can they be patient when they don’t know who and what you are?We forget that God gave us blessings such as a house, church, safety, and family and friends; especially those who are the closest to us.

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When you love someone, you are not easily angered with them, you are patient with them.

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