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At the very first party, I said, ‘Who’s coming tonight? I said, ‘Donald, this is supposed to be a party with V. It was reportedly Waitt, who brought Maxwell along when he was invited to the wedding of Chelsea and Mezvinsky.And Waitt, who introduced the couple to Maxwell in 2011.Following the joint allied invasion of Iran () later on that year, the once economically strong relations between the two countries began to reduce; this is mainly due to allied pressure on the Shah.Gradually and slowly the trading dropped and German nationals began to leave or be interned.The video footage was shot by NBC for Faith Daniels’ talk show, “A Closer Look” in a profile of Donald Trump.

Returning back into Germany one month before Operation Barbarossa.

) he became Director of International Development for the Trump Organization.

He has continued his remarkable career as an ambassador to the United Nations for Dominica, and is currently developing World Artificial Intelligence Organization: (archived here: In 2004, ID Models boss Zampolli was exposed as business partner of Jeffrey Epstein.

Now a video of Trump hosting a party in 1992 at the Mar-a-Lago especially for Epstein has surfaced.

See Trump, Epstein and the dark hair and a little of Ghislaine Maxwell’s face behind him.Two witnesses said that Maxwell, Clinton and Mezvinsky flew together on a private plane to rendezvous with Waitt. In 2012, Maxwell launched her own Ocean-charity, the Terra Mar Project, which announced it was shutting after Epstein’s arrest.