Parker vacumatic dating

21-Feb-2020 09:05

Slender models and an astonishing variety of miscellaneous sizes, such as desk pens, ring-tops, and fat vest-pocket models, were also available.These two desk pens, from 1939 (above) and 1941 (below), both have Speedline fillers; but they show a remarkable variation in their exterior designs.For instructions on reading this code, refer to Parker’s Date Coding System.Although there were several design changes, some minor and some quite significant, the Vacumatic line remained in Parker U. A.’s stable until about 1948 and perhaps as late as 1953 elsewhere.

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The principle workings are essentially like that of the earlier button fillers like the Duofold as the depression of the plunger pushed on the rubber sac and forced out the air (creating a vacuum) and when the rubber regained its natural form the ink got sucked into the pen to replace the air.

On a pen with its date code missing or otherwise illegible, differences in features can help you to narrow the possible years of its manufacture.