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However, the Rajah's ally in northern shores of Manila Bay, historically known as the young Bambalito of Macabebe, asked Rajah Soliman (Old Ache) to revoke his alliance with the Spaniards.

Rajah Matanda refused because of the "word of honor" of the Spaniards.

He proclaimed the town as the island's capital, and the seat of the Spanish government in the East Indies.

In Manila, López de Legazpi formed a peace pact with the native councils as well as the local rulers, Rajah Sulayman and Lakan Dula, Lakan and Rajah are same title of the native royalty.

The expedition was ordered by King Philip II of Spain, after whom the Philippines had earlier been named by Ruy López de Villalobos.

The viceroy died in July 1564, but the Audiencia and López de Legazpi completed the preparations for the expedition.

Salcedo also destroyed forts on the islands of Ilin and Lubang, respectively South and Northwest of Mindoro In 1570, having heard of the rich resources in Luzon, López de Legazpi dispatched Martín de Goiti to explore the northern region. Goiti's soldiers camped there for a few weeks while forming an alliance with the Muslim leader, Rajah Ache, who was a vassal under the Sultan of Brunei.

Landing in Batangas with a force of 120 Spaniards, de Goiti explored the Pansipit River, which drains Taal Lake. López de Legazpi wanted to use Manila's harbor as a base for trade with China.Rajah Tupas challenged the Spaniards, but was overpowered.

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