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24-May-2020 23:00

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If you are making use of shared calendars in Outlook 2016 you may find that not all appointments are showing in the calendar or are disappearing.Typically this happens when running Outlook 2016 in cached mode with exchange or Office 365.My nightly back-up had completed with exceptions, two of the exceptions were corrupted messages in each users mailbox.Once those emails were deleted the issue disappeared. In Outlook look in the "Synch Issues" folder on said computer.

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I've disabled the antivirus on the server, now when I opened the mail file it only populates to January 30 2007.

Yes, it can repair stuff, but it can also toss out important system rows and actually lead to more corruption.

ESEUTIL /P should only be used as a last resort measure. One of my users, with a pretty hefty mailbox i might add, has his Outlook constantly updating his inbox even when there aren't any new messages to retrieve.

You should then be able to remove the users account and recreate it.

The main issue I forsee is anyone trying to send him/her an email in between the time you create the pst and the time you recreate the email box.

I would not want to continue using a "Repaired" mailbox store after ESEUTIL had its ways with it. I've tried everything regular - new mail profile, new .ost, but i've yet to try and export and reimport the maibox or run ESEUTIL.