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There is potential for use of the academic or supervisory role to maintain or promote the relationship.

Another potential problem involves perceptions of third parties who feel they have lost equality in terms of assignments, promotions, etc., and who may feel that the only way to succeed is to engage in a romantic, intimate, and/or sexual liaison.

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All employees should recognize the possible negative consequences of romantic, intimate or sexual liaisons in the workplace and academic programs.

This Policy prescribes actions required to remove conflicts of interest and avoid adverse effects on third parties, and further specifies the situations where consensual relationships are prohibited.

Read More about our Sample Preparation Protocols Samples are irradiated at the OSU Radiation Center in the TRIGA experimental reactor, typically at 1 MW power for periods appropriate for the age and composition of sample unknowns.

The neutron flux is monitored with a variety of standard samples (Mmhb-1 hornblende, FCT-3 biotite, TCR sanidine).

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There is also a Cd-shielded irradiation location which is designed to block slow (thermal) neutrons in preference to fast neutrons.