Oracle triggers when updating

25-May-2020 15:40

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For Example: Let's create a table 'product_check' which we can use to store messages when triggers are fired.

Let's create a BEFORE and AFTER statement and row level triggers for the product table.

The T-SQL for creating this trigger is shown below.

It is very important to include the INNER JOIN to the INSERTED table so that only the updated rows are affected.

A trigger is a pl/sql block structure which is fired when a DML statements like Insert, Delete, Update is executed on a database table.

A trigger is triggered automatically when an associated DML statement is executed.

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However, we need to run a second test to ensure that the correct number of rows have been updated.After the T-SQL UPDATE command, we then execute a T-SQL SELECT query to make sure the trigger executed correctly.The output from the UPDATE and SELECT statements are shown below.We can use the data dictionary view 'USER_TRIGGERS' to obtain information about any trigger.

The below statement shows the structure of the view 'USER_TRIGGERS' NAME Type -------------------------------------------------------- TRIGGER_NAME VARCHAR2(30) TRIGGER_TYPE VARCHAR2(16) TRIGGER_EVENT VARCHAR2(75) TABLE_OWNER VARCHAR2(30) BASE_OBJECT_TYPE VARCHAR2(16) TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(30) COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(4000) REFERENCING_NAMES VARCHAR2(128) WHEN_CLAUSE VARCHAR2(4000) STATUS VARCHAR2(8) DESCRIPTION VARCHAR2(4000) ACTION_TYPE VARCHAR2(11) TRIGGER_BODY LONG This view stores information about header and body of the trigger.

The following hierarchy is followed when a trigger is fired. 2) Next BEFORE row level trigger fires, once for each row affected.

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