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11-Sep-2019 11:16

Sometimes he will drag himself out the house but never on time.

No matter what you suggest, Depression won´t want to do it.

After being single for over 2 years, I've recently tried out online dating.

I met up for a coffee with one man, who was nice but there was no spark.

I can honestly say I haven't fancied anyone since my ex.

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I have gotten better at standing up for myself and they know they are not welcome. I know, deep down that I am the same, fun loving girl who you saw and liked for the first time but occasionally they do get to me and I can´t shake them off. I´ve gotten pretty good at showing them who´s boss. I want you to know, my Depression and Anxiety will do everything in their power to make me believe that you deserve better and that I will never be good enough for you. Sometimes but most times Anxiety and Depression work together.