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Groundwater is highly mineralized in some areas near the mountains and near Red Lake. Geological Survey (USGS) divides and subdivides the United States into successively smaller hydrologic units based on hydrologic features. From largest to smallest these are: regions, subregions, accounting units and cataloging units.

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The only streamgages in the north watershed are along the Colorado River.

The northern portion is within the Upper Colorado River Planning Area (north watershed) and the southern portion is located in the Lower Colorado River Planning Area.

Groundwater basins included in the north watershed are the Lake Havasu Basin and most of the Lake Mohave and Sacramento Valley basins.

As with other basins in this category, the older basin fill is the primary water supply.

Similar to the Detrital Valley Basin located to the west, older basin fill in the northern part of the valley includes clastic sediments, limestone and basalt flows of the Muddy Creek and Chemehueve Formations.

Groundwater in storage estimates range widely from 3 to 21 maf.