Oldest quran carbon dating

20-Nov-2019 20:59

The Qurʾān contains names and events that could not predate the Prophet’s birth.For instance, Muḥammad’s name is mentioned four times in the text of the Qurʾān.If you have followed the news over the last week, then there’s little doubt you may have seen some of the following headlines: Fragments of World’s Oldest Koran May Predate Muhammad Birmingham’s ancient Koran ‘could rewrite history of Islam’Carbon dating suggest ‘world’s oldest’ Koran could be older than the Prophet Apparently this ancient Quran found in England is older than the Prophet Muhammed!Well, does the Birmingham manuscript predate the lifetime of the Prophet? Or, if it does, then the case for its divinity is even stronger. The Birmingham manuscript’s is the only thing that has been carbon dated.No manuscripts or studies or science suggest that the Qurʾān predates the Prophet Muḥammad.

What does this mean in terms of “rewriting the history of Islam? As for the articles on the subject of dating, here is a sampling of quotes:.” Well, fine.

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But since that is total speculation, it doesn’t belong in a news piece, let alone coming from the mouth of a librarian.

In the meantime, every single article leads with a completely misleading title.It suggests an utter lack of intellectual rigor and seriousness.