Of changesets and updating work items

19-Jun-2020 01:04

of changesets and updating work items-5

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The notifications are currently firing when the "Fixed In" build for the work item changes. We have a similar set up, with 'private' builds being fired when developers check in in the DEV branch, and 'integration' builds that are actually the ones that are relevant to the test team.

Actually, and approval is an agreement on the status of some data so, obviously, you don’t want to let anybody else to change these data once you gave your approval.

Once the Task is completed, the approver has to approve the result.

Please notice that the e-signature field is now visible because we have reached the Done state.

We have constructed in the build solution a custom activity "Types.cs" (basically a simple enum): This is passed as possible values of an build argument we have added named 'Build Type': .

This appears now as a configurable build definition parameter: We obviously enter 'Private' or 'Integration' in each definition accordingly.once a task is Done, if an approval is requested, then RTC should enforce this approval.