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11-Mar-2020 08:24

Later in the seventeenth century, obsessions and compulsions were also described as symptoms of melancholy.

Scrupulosity is a modern-day psychological problem that echoes the traditional use of the term ‘scruples’ in a religious context, to mean obsessive concern with one’s own sins and compulsive performance of religious devotion, where in earlier centuries it encompassed all types of obsessions and compulsions.

On the other hand, individuals who are challenged with OCD suffer with never-ending doubts and indecision.

Quite often they are not able to recognize that OCD may be targeting their relationship.

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OCD is a clinically recognised disorder which affects around 1-2% of the population. People with OCD experience intensely negative, repetitive and intrusive thoughts, combined with a chronic feeling of doubt or danger (obsessions).

Finding early historical descriptions of OCD does exist, with some clear detailed likely cases dating back to the 14th century, some of which we will look at below.

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