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And that's how it all started." —While the celebrity restaurateur — see Justin Timberlake and Robert De Niro — is nothing new, Nas' involvement in Sweet Chick goes deeper, tapping into music history and hometown pride.

As the rapper explains, the restaurant's hallmark dish, fried chicken and waffles, traces its origins not to the American South, as commonly believed, but to the African-American jazz clubs of New York's Harlem."Years ago in New York City, the nightlife in Harlem alone would go to the wee hours of the morning," Nas says.

The menu, which Seymour has dubbed "new American comfort food" fuses the best of Southern and soul cuisines with upmarket ingredients and creative remixes: Carolina-style pulled pork BBQ sandwiches are topped with crispy red onions and housemade pickles; shrimp and cheddar grits are upgraded with smoked paprika, bell pepper sauce, scallions, and a poached egg.

You can get anything: sometimes beef short rib, sometimes some kind of risotto.

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Even classic chicken and waffles gets several inventive, mouthwatering riffs: fried chicken with General Tso's sauce and a rice-and-broccoli waffle, cordon-bleu chicken with a gruyere-thyme waffle, fried chicken parmesan with a tomato-mozzarella waffle.

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