No traffic jams dating

19-Jun-2020 17:39

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Enjoy happy hour over a cold drink with friends and colleagues as you wait for traffic to ease up.

Use alternative routes It is possible to end up spending hours on the road stuck in traffic just because you followed routes preferred by many, when in essence there could be other routes that have less traffic or none at all.

It could be anything really-take a cooking class, learn how to draw, how to play a musical instrument, join a Rotary club, advance your level of education, complement your studies with other professional courses like CPA, ACCA, CICT etc.

Schedule meetings/dates at this time Once you get engrossed in your work, you will find that you barely have time to spare.

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At five or six o’clock in the evening, these people will be heading back home. Take time to look good by hitting the gym and you will have yourself to thank later.Studies have also shown that these harmful emissions can lead to brain damage, lung diseases and high blood pressure among others.