Nigerian dating scam stories

12-Aug-2020 03:59

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In some cases, rather than being asked to send money, victims of romance scams are deployed as money mules whose banks accounts are used to move illicit funds or are talked into opening accounts on behalf of criminals.

US law enforcement have recently received complaints of such scams in all 50 states in the US, authorities also say.

A series of arrests by the Federal Bureau of Investigations in the US has nabbed one of the “most prolific” rings of Nigerian fraudsters operating in the country.

While 14 arrests have been made, a 252-count federal grand jury indictment unsealed on Thursday (Aug.

They follow a fairly easy-to-spot pattern for anyone who has tracked identity scams.

But the scale of these efforts goes far beyond what you'd expect from what are (to those in the know) recognizable cons.

The fraud stereotype is also often pushed back as an unfair generalization, with successes within Nigeria’s startup and tech ecosystem cited as contrary evidence.

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But that’s likely all the justice victims will ever get.

The high profile arrests have also triggered extreme reactions among Nigerians at home and abroad, many of whom daily experience the cost of national stereotyping that comes with the well-covered activity of online fraudsters, particularly with the wide spread of email scam attempts.