Nigeria dating com ng

07-Nov-2019 16:53

And if you are already you must keep the house you two share clean and tidy always.

Be easy going, don’t be a troublemaker Most men don’t appreciate troublemakers.

And even if you are not having problems in your relationship this article still can be very helpful for you.

Be very respectful Respect is something that is taken seriously among the Yoruba people especially when it comes to relationships and marriage.

Although dating and relationships in the Yoruba culture have moved on from what it used to be.

Due to westernization, most people don’t hold on to the strict rules of culture anymore.

Try to find better ways other than nagging and complaining.

What they like in terms of body features vary from men to men but your look must always be appealing to him. So, you should learn why he was attracted to you in the first place and try to keep the look and shape as much as you can.