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For this reason we suggest you arrange childcare to cover your hospital visit.

Ultrasound scans are also provided for patients with problems in early pregnancy via the Early Pregnancy and Gynaecology Assessment Unit, (Peggy Cole Unit).

Booking team staff will contact you if an appointment becomes available. Obstetric scans are carried out by specially trained staff called Advanced Practitioner Radiographers/Sonographers.

Please ensure that you have given your midwife your correct phone number and that you answer calls that may come from unknown or withheld phone numbers in this time period. In order for the Sonographer to get good images of your baby, the procedure is carried out in a dimly lit room. You will then be asked to raise your top to your chest and lower your skirt or trousers to your hips.

Tissue paper will be tucked into your clothing, to protect it from the ultrasound gel which will then be put on your tummy.

(The gel makes sure there is good contact between the machine and your skin.) The Sonographer then passes a hand-held device called a probe over your skin.

The 18-20 6 week fetal anomaly scan View Gallery The main purpose of the scan is to look for physical abnormalities in the unborn baby.

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One image costs £5 and three copies of the image costs £10 (January 2018). Why does my photo not look as clear as other peoples?Having the scan does not hurt, but the Sonographer may need to apply slight pressure to get the best views of the baby.A black and white picture of the baby will then be seen on the ultrasound screen. Fetal sexing is not part of the screening programme but we will let you know what the baby appears to be at the end of the examination if we are able to see.The blood test in combination with the ultrasound results and some personal details such as age will then provide you with a risk factor of the baby having one of the syndromes.

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If the pregnancy is “dated” between 14 2 and 19 6 weeks or it has not been possible to measure the NT then you will be offered the Quad test which screens for This also involves a blood test after the scan or an appointment will be made for a suitable date.

We welcome one adult to accompany you during your ultrasound examination.