Newly dating game questions

24-Aug-2020 08:05

What song would you pick to describe your spouse in the bedroom? What adjective best describes your spouse in the bedroom? What do you find most physically attractive about your spouse?

What did your spouse get you for your first Christmas as a couple?

Where would your spouse want to go on a dream vacation?

What is the most embarrassing thing your spouse has done or said around you? What did The Groom say he’s most excited about being married to you?

Either way, you will want to take 2 chairs to the middle of the dance floor.

But you can also entertain everyone by playing a newlywed game. What would your spouse say is his/her best feature? What one trait of yours annoys your spouse the most? What grade would you give your spouse in the bedroom? What is your favourite time of day for making whoopee?

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What is your spouse’s most irritating habit in the bedroom? Who would you say is better when it comes to making whoopee? If you went out for drinks, what would be the first beverage The Groom would order? If family members came to visit you in (their current location), what would be the one place The Groom had to take them for dinner? Which of The Groom’s housekeeping habits drives you the most crazy? What is The Groom’s favourite game to play with a group? What is The Groom’s favourite Christmas movie to watch?

While most newlyweds will know a lot about each other, it is pretty unlikely that the couple will answer every single question correctly. You learn a little more about your spouse with this game. With each day, week, month, and year that passes, you will learn more and more about your spouse as you continue to build your life together.

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