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21-Sep-2020 18:25

We were arrested in the aftermath of 9/11 when, under pressure from special interest groups and right-wing media, the Bush administration targeted us in a politically motivated indictment related to our Palestinian activism and charitable work a decade earlier.

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Our simple routines would be interrupted, and trial preparation disrupted, as we realized upon our return to the cell that our massive legal documents were misplaced, missing or in complete disarray.

We spent countless hours preparing for the trial, reviewing thousands of surveillance tapes, calls and CDs.

I was exploring with different sounds and collaborators over the course of a couple years, and I fell into a really natural place where I was creating music that felt true to who I am, not only in what I talk about but in the style of music as well.. However, the couple official engaged in India in Hindu tradition on 18th of August 2018, in the presence of both’s friends and family members.… continue reading »

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