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23-Jun-2020 03:01

To clarify the situation, dating app maker Bumble decided to call out a guy named Connor who harassed one of its female users with a sexist harangue describing delusions that women want him for his money.

Bumble posted a sharp retort on its blog in the form of an open letter: "Take a seat, because this concept may blow your mind," Bumble writes. It’s happened over time, we know, but a vast majority of women from our generation have jobs." Bumble's app is meant to empower women while dating — never allowing men to initiate conversations — so taking a stand here is very much part of its mission.

One of Black America’s most coveted sweethearts is the new face of the Pantene Nature Fusion line.

Sanaa Lathan, 40, officially announced the news to New York press and bloggers at a private event hosted by the brand.

It’s very rich and sometimes too rich for some people, but I like it.

I will give you a glow underneath your makeup but I don’t necessarily use that everyday. How do you wear you hair when you work out? How did you and Pantene Pro-V come about?

Here's the conversation that kicked all of this off.

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I’m also really into organic or whatever is natural, because I really believe that what you put on your skin is like what you put into your mouth. In terms of facial creams or lotions, I try to switch it up and stay as natural as possible.

l like Le Mer facial cream for when I have an event."We are going to continue to build a world that makes small-minded, misogynist boys like you feel outdated." As The Cut points out, the type of crude and sexist rant that Bumble calls out here is far from uncommon.

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